Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you may have

How does it work?

Choose course → Register → Purchase course → Login → Start studying!

What do I get with my purchase?

    1. Video Lectures for all concepts/skills tested on the specific exam
    2. Practice exercises for each topic
    3. Q&A Forum – you can post your questions and experts from Score99Percentile will respond

Is my course a complete self-study package?


How is Score99Percentile different from what's there in the market?

Starters: Score99Percentile is backed and developed by Test Prep gurus who have trained more than 50,000 students for success in various exams. So, we know what we’re doing!

Main Course: Most of what’s in the market are ‘assessments’. There isn’t much learning happening! But, Score99Percentile gives a thorough foundation on the concepts required for a specific exam and backs it with plenty of practice exercises so that you are well prepared for your exam without depending on multiple sources for your prep!

Dessert: We support you academically throughout the course duration by answering your doubts on the Forum and if need be, also handhold you by setting up live sessions.

How does Score99Percentile improve my learning curve?

    1. Detailed concept videos and notes will equip you well with the armour you require to face and ace the exam.
    2. Thorough practice exercises on lines of the specific exam ensure that you are exposed to all the skills tested and in the question patterns tested.

Are there explanations given to practice exercises/quizzes?

How can we leave you on your own? Practice exercises have explanations!

What does “validity” of the course mean?

The time you will have access to the course you purchased.

What is the difference between “Verbal Ability only” and “Bundle”?

Different tests have different testing areas. A student may need help on only one testing area. We do not burden the student by forcing him/her to purchase the entire course. We have split up the testing areas as stand-alone purchasable modules. However, if a student needs guidance on all testing areas of that test, then the student has the option of purchasing the “Bundle”.

Can I view sample videos of lessons before I purchase the entire course?

Yes! Every course has a few ‘Sample video lessons’! Look for the Preview Eye next to a Lesson in the Curriculum tab of the course page. Click on that lesson and Voila!

Can I try a practice exercise/quiz before I purchase the entire course?

Unfortunately, we allow only Preview of some of our lessons, not practice exercises/quizzes. But, trust us when we say our content prepares you for the 99th percentile!

How many times can I practise each exercise/quiz?

4 times!!

Are there any free courses?

No! Only free sample videos across different courses.

What about taxes on the prices shown?

You pay what you see –  Nothing more! Our prices are inclusive of all taxes!

Can I use my mobile phone to access my course?

Yes, Score99Percentle is retina-ready! You may access your course on a mobile or a tablet too!

Do I need internet connectivity when accessing my course?

Yes, you’ll need it! This is an ‘online’ self-study platform. Course cannot be access offline.

Do I get a bulk discount for my institution?

Indeed! Write to us at giving specifics of your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

What if I don’t understand a concept even after viewing the video lecture?

Post your specific question on the Q&A Forum and an expert will respond to that. Even if that doesn’t help, we’ll set up a live session for you!

What if I have a question that I need additional help on?

Post your specific question on the Q&A Forum and an expert will respond to that.

What if I need additional content to practice on?

Post your specific requirement on the Q&A Forum and an expert will respond to that.

What if I have a general question about a test I’m preparing for?

Usually, the Intro videos to the course cover all aspects of that test. However, if there’s anything that you require additionally or anything that we missed out on, post your specific requirement on the Q&A Forum and an expert will respond to that.

What if there is a concept I want to learn that you don't provide in your course?

Kindly let us know what you would like to learn. Our experts will study the relevance of your requirement to the course and if it’s something that is required and we have missed, we will include it in the course, with an apology!

What if there is a technical problem while accessing the course or a practice test?

Raise a ticket on the Help Desk. We will resolve your issue within 48 business hours.

How do I know my payment went through?

You will get a confirmation from Score99Percentile about your purchase. Also, your bank statement will show the purchase.

How do I change my password?

Login → Profile → Account → Change Password

Can I extend validity of the course by paying a few extra bucks?

Currently, we don’t have that feature. If you want to extend validity, you may write to us and we will give you a discount coupon you can use to repurchase the course for a lesser price.

Can I download the course content?

No! No! We work hard to give you top quality content for your exam prep. It is only fair that you help us spread the good word about us, NOT the content. Also, content copying/downloading/sharing in any form is an infringement of Copyright Laws and you will attract legal action.

What if I accidentally clicked "Complete" button while viewing a video lesson?

Relax! You’ll have access to and can view all the course lessons until the validity of the course expires. The “Complete” button for a lesson is only to help you track which ones you’ve completed or otherwise!

Would I get a refund if I 'Finish Course' midway or do not want to complete it?

Oops! No. You should read our Terms & Conditions at the time of purchase.

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